Selami TURAN - Deputy City Manager

He was born in 1960 in Elazig.

 In 1983 he graduated from Firat University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine;

 Mersin Veterinary Affairs Directorate in 1983-1984 years,

 Military service in the 1984-1985 year,

 Veterinarians at the Mersin Provincial Directorate of Agriculture in 1985-1987 years,

 1987-1991 years in the District Directorate of Agriculture in Kars Tuzluca veterinarian,

 Saline District Director of Agriculture from 1991-1993,

 Igdir during 1993-1996 Deputy Director of Agriculture,

 In 1996-1997 Igdir Provincial Director of Agriculture,

 İzmir Customs Quarantine Veterinary Directorate in 1998-2000,

 Izmir Directorate of Customs Deputy Director of the Veterinary Quarantine in the years 2000-2004,

 Bornova Veterinary Control and Research Institute in the years 2004-2009 he worked as a veterinarian.

 Since January 2010, serving as Deputy Director Izmir Province.


 Phone: 0232462 60 33-0232435 10 04/1102




Musa BAKAN - Deputy City Manager

He was born in 1967 in Izmir.

In 1986, he graduated from Istanbul Imam-Hatip high schools. In 1990 he graduated from Ege University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Economics.

The Ministry of Education in 1996-2002 years in Sivas, Sivas Yıldızeli teachers, School Management,

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department in the years 2002-2006 Engineer in Denizli,

In 2006-2010, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has worked as an engineer in Izmir Province Department.

Since 14 January 2010 has served as Deputy Director Izmir Province.


  Phone: 0232462 45 63-0232435 10 02/1106



Cemil Çumak - Deputy City Manager

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