Branch Offices

Zekeriya YAZICI (Acting Director of the Department for Food and Feed)


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Fax: 0232 435 08 01

Our task:

A) food and feed reliability of consumer and public health protection measures taking into consideration the principles of conduct provincial level set by the Ministry,

B) food, food additives and manufacturing contact materials and articles to food processing and sales-related marketing authorization and recording, production, monitoring of outlets and mass consumption places, make the checks and inspections,

C) food, food additives and other substances and materials in contact with food export and carry out operations related to the provincial Ministry of düzeyindeki imports

D) to the control aspect of organic farming and food safety of the products produced according to good agricultural practices,

D) as well as food residue monitoring mission in the framework of the Ministry shall carry out the necessary investigations and audits alone individual complaints or complaints from transactions related to food fraud hotline,

E) In relation to food and feed from the ministry should carry out studies related to specified projects both at the provincial level,

F) to certified laboratories operating in the framework of the legislation,
To get a recording, monitoring, supervising the matters within their competence,

D) of feed and feed additives production, processing and sales, exports, imports about
make necessary controls and procedures, perform audits,

G) agricultural information to farmers with the working area and to bring new technologies to inform consumers, farmers, children, women and implement training programs and projects for young people,

H) Other legislation and perform similar tasks will be given by the director of the province.

Nursel Koçyiğit TEKALMAZ (Crop Production and Plant Health Branch Acting Director)


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Our task:
1.First appropriate development projects to prepare the crop production potential and / or to prepare,
2.Bakanlıg policy, based on the production of strategic plans and programs for the province and farmers to gain appropriate provider, to determine crop production patterns,
3. The initial crop production in, under the principles set by the Ministry and steer to ensure the integration of agriculture and industry,

d) In accordance with the principles set by the Ministry of crop production in the province, efficiency and diversity make increaser studies

d) The product loss and inhibiting activities detrimental ecological system operations
conduct under the legislation,
1.Bakanlıg is determined by considering the human health and ecological balance, and laid the foundation of the new modes of production are in working toward implementation in the province,
2.Alternatif production techniques for manufacturer, producer organizations, entrepreneurs and to provide training and extension services to consumers, to conduct the audit tasks to be assigned by the Ministry for alternative agricultural production techniques,
3. The initial in which it operates within the framework of the regulations and requirements of agricultural basins,

g) and the production of certified seeds and seedlings and young trees and used to work as a provider,

h) declaration of acceptance of seed production fields and send to relevant institutions to make the checks by sampling,

i) carry out activities related to the authorization of the seed market,

i) Seed producers, handlers, breeders, and let the dealer do the registration and control,

j) Seed, ornamental plants, cut flowers, bulbs and so naturally carry material related production import and export transactions.

k) detection pasture, limitation, allocation and reclamation and taken out of the pastures and carry out operations in accordance with the regulations in activities related to agriculture in river basins where this province with such places.

l) Manufactures all kinds of fertilizer and soil conditioner operating within the province, fertilizer dealers and those dealers with the stores around here are determined by supply products to the market according to oversee compliance with the principles,

m) Ministry to regulate the import certificates of conformity for fertilizers makes devolution to the provincial directorates,

n) operations in the province for the first time with the fertilizer factory in the license application for fertilizer production sites, to oversee compliance with the legislation of the factory and production sites, send a compliance report to the Ministry,

o) by producers to provide training for the use of fertilizers based on soil analysis results,

d) The authorization of the soil-plant analysis laboratory in the province and carry out activities regarding the matters requested by the Ministry,

p) disease can not be resolved within the province, to diagnose and treat problems related research centers and devolved Ministry to take necessary measures according to the results of research and diagnostics,

r) diseases that harm plants within the province, to identify pests and weeds and ensure the implementation of approved programs struggle to prepare programs.

h) Ministry of established principles to protect the health of plants in the province, plant pest and disease early warning forecast, etc. methods and integrated / provider the least chemical use as biological control to combat modern methods and procedures, the necessary training for these jobs and ensure the provision of infrastructure,

v) checking the records regarding the registration of chemicals used in agricultural enterprises to monitor and supervise,

t) plant passport system for plants and plant products to control movement in the province,

u) to carry out internal and external quarantine services related to plant health within the province,

ii) the sale of pesticides, pesticides, tools and machinery manufacturing, wholesale and franchise operations made necessary by the Ministry to control operation on issues such as the principles established within the framework of making a record, permit, perform audits.

v) certification of laboratories working in the field, they are authorized to supervise the issues.

y) with the task of agricultural information to farmers and to bring new technologies to inform consumers, farmers, children, women and implement training programs and projects for young people,

z) Example farmers aim to educate children with farmers, women and implement training programs and projects for young people,

a) Registration system for data input and support to the application based on the registration system.

bb) Other legislation and perform similar tasks will be given by the provincial director,

Ayşe ŞENER  (Animal Health and Husbandry Department Deputy Director)


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Our task:
a) as well as the protection of animal health and animal welfare as well, safe food to protect the supply and the animals and products of humans and animals by preventing public health of the disease, the plan was prepared in province-wide programs and implement projects, conduct preventive services against animal diseases and pests, making the treatment , check, check,
b) it is mainly determined by the Ministry with the mandate to identify the animals and limited, to register, to record, to control the movement of animals in the province
c) Domestic and international movement of animals and animal products and control of live animals and animal products Ministry to carry out operations related to import and export,

d) Ministry of established principles in accordance with combating animal diseases and pests, preventive and therapeutic conduct animal health services are in operation provider animal welfare, carry out quarantine services related to animal health,
d) animal health diagnostic and therapeutic and preventive agents for the production of these agents and auxiliaries, sale, export, import, transport, keep records relating to housing, the Ministry determined mainly by and allow related activities are limited with the authority to monitor, control and auditing,
e) The disease can not be resolved within the province, to diagnose and treat problems related research centers and devolved Ministry to take necessary measures according to the results of research and diagnostics,
f) animal health, diagnosis, treatment and preventive services operate in the field, people, institutions and organizations with animal-animal products, production, sales, sector and education, keep a record of the trial sites and shelters of situations and activities, the Ministry set
mainly with the mandate and limited to allow related activities, monitoring, control and auditing,

g) in the province of breeders do health checks,

i) certification of laboratories working in the field, they are authorized to supervise the issues.

h) conduct animal breeding activities and the study database of these activities, to ensure coordination regarding artificial insemination courses organized by the Ministry to give permission to artificial insemination, semen and embryo production centers and laboratories of control and do the audit,

i) implement the Ministry determined that the animal breeding programs in the provinces, to watch.

i) Cattle and sheep farming in the business of breeding, to control the technical aspects,

j) within the framework of the Ministry determine the human health and animal production in the province carry out studies on the ecological balance of making preventive methods to control them,

k) the improvement of animal production in the province and engaged in activities for the marketing,

l) to identify staff training needs and budgets related to the project and to determine the potential of livestock production in the province's livestock,

m) established on the basis of the project to evaluate the requested technical assistance for the livestock operations are required,

n) Meeting to allow the desired breeding facilities and make the registration process, monitor and supervise,

o) To prepare appropriate development projects in the livestock production potential and / or to prepare.

d) realize the approval process of the seafood processing space and being supervised,

p) for human consumption in order to carry unused animal by-products and derivatives in accordance with the principles and powers determined by the Ministry of business and operations and facilities engaged in business with them,

r) boiler and make an official veterinarian or working in the slaughterhouse of designation of authorized veterinarians to keep records and to audit them to fulfill their duties with the direction set by the legislation.

h) related to the task field of agricultural information and to bring new technology to farmers to inform consumers, farmers, children, women and implement training programs and projects for young people,

v) other legislation and perform similar tasks will be given by the director of the province.

Levent ÖZKAN (Fisheries and Aquaculture Department Deputy Director)

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Phone: 0232 462 67 88

Fax: 0232 486 35 01

Our task:

a) fishery products and operate on the basis of the sustainability of fishery resources and to ensure the development, whereas for performing preventive measures, to be marketed by hunting and farming, fishing ports and fisheries and aquaculture development of the infrastructure and operation of all kinds related to fisheries information and document collection to and implementing regulations governing the development of systems to record this information, the scope of the regulations on monitoring, control and audit to perform criminal penalties,

b) fisheries and aquaculture resources protection by identifying production and farming areas, to take protective measures in these areas,

c) preparing appropriate development projects to potential fisheries production and / or prepared.

d) review of the fisheries, to make the evaluation, the Ministry determined that the principles within and competence extent province in all the receipt of incentives and protection measures, fisheries and aquaculture in the production areas and procedures pertaining to fishing ports, the lease of the minimum qualifications and requirements of the means of production and Using the principles of the leasing of production areas and ensure the operation and increasing efficiency here to prevent pollution of water resources and to take measures to protect the fisheries,

d) Amateur and commercial fishing related regulations, procedures and make the necessary inspections,

e) river and stream beds of dry sand, gravel-like material and be operated to protect the aquaculture activities related to the conduct of environmental impact assessment work on behalf of,

f) Buyer environment water pollution studies, preventive actions, such as waste water pollution control and sustainable water production provider to make transactions,

g) information about the task area and new technologies to fishermen and aquaculture
to bring to the growers, to inform consumers,

i) fishermen and other industry stakeholders to implement education programs and projects,

h) Recording systems and providing application support data entry system based on the record,

i) hunting quota to keep track of and control

ii) license to permit the person to be found in the production of ships and fishery products, to regulate the hunting permit, make the permit process their visa permit,

j) illegal, unregistered and in order to prevent irregular hunting, marine and inland water areas, the landing points, the wholesale and retail outlets are in control and inspection activities,

k) Prohibited means and methods to be made to the permission granted for research, monitoring and control application.

l) carry out operations related to the trade of endangered species,

m) To prepare the documents related to the origin and transmission or düzenlet and monitor fisheries,

n) demand information from the district and carry out transactions for supply of needs, taking into account the stocking,

o) to ensure the implementation of environmentally friendly production models

d) ensure the operation of administrative buildings Fishing,

p) other legislation and perform similar tasks will be given by the director of the province.

Fehmi TÜRKAN (Agricultural Infrastructure and Land Evaluation Branch Acting Director)

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Phone: 0232 462 40 97

Fax: 0232 461 15 75

Our task:

a) Land and soil analysis, classification and mapping work to do, to make,

b) carry out studies of the soil and terrain database,

c) to make analysis of the soil and irrigation water and to make, d) make land use plans, to make,

d) The tender for the study topics and make the final accounting,

e) to perform the process of determining the high plains of agricultural production potential,

f) The establishment permit related processes of soil and irrigation water analysis laboratories

g) protection of the soil and terrain related to the use and development of efficient
conduct studies, enforce, monitor and evaluate, soil, water,
natural events such as natural resources or biodiversity resulting from land use
take the necessary measures to prevent corruption,

i) non-agricultural land use to assess the demand,

h) take the necessary measures to ensure the proper use and purpose of the protection of agricultural land, care and allow use for purposes other than unavoidable situations,

i) cooperation with other public institutions and organizations, mainly the land evaluation population, climate, soil, vegetation, hydrology, geology and other land to provide information,

i) protection of agricultural land for development and planned and implemented projects to be examined for their effects on agricultural production and to collaborate with relevant organizations to assess, assist in the determination of investment priorities,

j) the establishment of the secretariat services to carry out soil conservation, making work and ensure participation,

k) land consolidation and land development services related studies, projects and make the application process, to make

l) to assess the scope of Law No. 5403 on the consolidation of private land requisitions, check,

m) of land to the rating process, to make,

n) regulations for rural areas, infrastructure development and work to do, to make,

o) Administrative loyalty operations (rural village combining the creation of six new settlements, the creation of an independent village) to carry out,

d) study of the irrigation project, and to make the application, to make,

p) the results of crop production, irrigation in the existing irrigation network, monitor and evaluate in terms of irrigation and soil conservation to take remedial measures,

r) tender for the study topics and make the final accounting,

h) to improve efficiency in irrigation, to ensure the use of appropriate irrigation techniques,

v) to provide water-saving irrigation area in working towards the promotion of modern irrigation systems, carry out projects, make and support,

t) problem and to identify agricultural land that may be problematic, and make appropriate projects (erosion, drainage, land reclamation et al.) to prepare, to prepare, implement, and enforce,

u) through collaboration with relevant organizations within the province to be prepared for areas opened to irrigation water to farmers in a program to teach agricultural techniques and spread.

ii) Integrated Administration and Control System and Geographic Information System (GIS) based on the conduct of the study.

v) related to the task field of agricultural information to farmers and to bring new technologies to inform consumers, farmers, children, women and implement training programs and projects for young people,

y) for the establishment of agricultural-based specialized organized industrial zones, and appropriate initial assessment of the application will be deemed the choice of places to do preliminary work,

z) to carry out the secretariat services for the agriculture-based specialized organized industrial zones to create the commission, provide technical support and coordinating activities,

aa) Established to follow up the implementation of agro-specialized organized industrial zones, monitor and evaluate,

bb) water resources, protection against pollution from agricultural activities and carry out work for the monitoring of water quality.

cc) No. 3083 to identify areas of rural development in the application areas covered by the law, make village development plans and infrastructure services or make.

çç) applications in the areas covered by the Law No. 3083, state and non-agricultural purposes must allow the use of agricultural land carried out by considering the objectives of the Act, sales, commentaries and execute the allocation process,

dd) Other legislation and perform similar tasks will be given by the director of the province.

Murat DÖNGELOĞLU (Land Acquisition Department Deputy Director)




Our task:

a) the sale of agricultural land, the grant or transfer by way of swap transactions made in accordance with the 5403 Law provides,

b) unification relating to agricultural land, assess demand, such as subdivision and change of qualifications,

c) The provisions of Law No. 5403 of agricultural land inheritance issues to ensure the transfer to heirs in accordance with,

d) to provide technical support for the Heritage subject to the agreement of the heirs of agricultural land,

d) The 5403 Law No. 8 / sufficient income within the period prescribed in the O article Failure transfer of agricultural land ownership, all information and documents devolve to the Ministry regarding the lawsuit in the competent magistrate's court in coordination with the Ministry under this Article,

e) The issue of inheritance of agricultural land; The transfer of movable, giving the agricultural land management measures, termination, liquidation, and to follow the process as well as the industrial revolution of the business and the necessary business and ensure the execution of transactions,

f) Enough income to calculate the size of the land, carry out the process by selecting sustainable business scale land ownership,

g) to identify the value of agricultural land,

i) land distribution and rental activities to do, to make, permit the sale of land, and carry out the assignment of the mortgage process,

h) carry out the procedures related to the acquisition of agricultural land by foreigners,

i) the tenancy, sharecropping and yarıcılık ensure the execution of works,

i) the supply and demand of agricultural land to create the list,

j) of agricultural land buyers, sellers and renters do directly through on agreements,

k) to provide technical support for lending operations in agricultural land,

l) Property and disputes arising from the application, purchase, sale, barter transactions and ensure the execution of expropriation,

m) To perform the procedure of public lands allocated to public institutions, the loan allocated to the Ministry of farms and farmland and aim to carry out the secretarial duties related to checking that used appropriately,

n) passing the savings enforcement agencies and ensure that the scope of Law No. 3083 with the evaluation of unused land,

o) to deliver information to farmers about the task area, to inform, to implement educational programs and projects,

d) Other legislation and perform similar tasks will be given by the director of the province.

Ali AKAR (Rural Development and Organization Department Deputy Director)


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Fax: 0232 462 17 72

Our task:

a) Examining the request of the appropriate credit to businesses to be established on the basis of the 1st project to prepare the necessary project and farm development projects,
b) Under the authority will be 2.Bakanlık of cooperatives and other agricultural organizations, and to allow the establishment of subsidiaries, monitor and supervise,
c) Çiftçi be organized as cooperatives or associations of cooperatives and to promote, for this purpose to prepare studies and projects are within the technical and financial assistance for the establishment of cooperatives and supervising authority,

ç) farmers within the provincial associations and partnerships, revolving funds, foundations, processing of agricultural products, markets lead to the establishment of companies, help,

d) The Ministry conducted by internal and external sources and integrate individual crop production,
livestock and aquaculture production, evaluation, marketing and rural development projects

implement the relevant parts, enforce, track, time and purpose of the grant in accordance with the use and control, ensure the implementation of plans and programs related issues prepared by the Ministry,

e) it supports the implementation of rural development and rural development programs engage in activities relevant Ministries towards applications,
f) To increase the level of agricultural mechanization 1.First principles determined by the Ministry in this regard within the framework of activities available,
g) Agriculture products are processed and evaluation, marketing and make efforts to help kurdurulmuş the necessary facilities for this purpose, to direct producers and entrepreneurs in this regard,

h) in the framework of the development of craft villages in the project in order to increase employment opportunities, and promoting the spread of the provider and to facilitate the marketing of products take the necessary precautions,

ı) related to the task field of agricultural information to farmers and to bring new technologies to inform consumers, farmers, children, women and implement training programs and projects for young people,

i) Sample farmers aim to educate children with farmers, women and implement training programs and projects for young people,

j) Other legislation and perform similar tasks will be given by the director of the province
Ali ATEŞ (Coordination and Agricultural Data Branch Manager)


Phone: 0232 462 61 45

Fax: 0232 435 03 76

Our task:

a) First on the problems faced by farmers to convey the research institute, to be transmitted to the farmers of solutions, coordinating in-service training of staff working in the province,
b) First part of the task to prepare the areas of extension programs and place to watch the program in cooperation with other branch office officials and other relevant stakeholders in the province; provincial agricultural extension programs to solve the problems of the province and to prepare in order to achieve the set targets, the realization of the program relating to provincial extension programs provide access to the Ministry,

c) Research organizations directly affiliated with similar organizations and centers
 try to implement into the center of collaboration and demonstration program
 and execute, advise farmers based on the results.

ç) the provincial agricultural products cultivation, yield and make forecasts of production, to ensure the timely collection of all kinds of statistical information related to agriculture and the creation and publication of agricultural inventory,
d) First, invest and make their budget proposals, planning the delivery of approved programs and projects, monitoring and related expenses by consolidating sending unit,
e) The Ministry carry out work within the framework of the medium and long term strategies and coordinate policies,
f) statistic and make casting operations, agricultural database in the information ministry central unit with a fast and healthy way to share, Statistical Data Network (IVE), Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) and provide other statistical projects within the scope of data and information timely collection and evaluation ,
g) products, risk areas and conduct studies related to primary support will be provided as the company scales,

ğ) dated 14.06.2005 and numbered 5363 to carry out activities related to agricultural insurance Agricultural Insurance Law and in the framework of education for the promotion of agriculture insurance scheme, to make publications and promotional activities.

h) the work of the farmers who suffered disaster damage assessment and carry out activities related to the 2090 numbered Law on Natural Disasters and aid to the affected farmers,

ı) No. 4081 Farmers carry out activities related to our ministry under the Act on the Protection of goods.

i) global climate change, drought, desertification and conduct studies on the make,

j) conducting studies in the context of other legislative arrangements can be made about the farmers who suffered disasters

k) Provincial Directorate to coordinate the activities of multiple branches, mainly issues related branches,

l) Agricultural Extension and conducting business and operations under the Regulation Pertaining to the Advisory Service, to promote educational applications, publishing and publicity work to do,

m) in the village and town planning staff employed TR-coming area of new work, activities, training and carry out the procedures related to location changes,

n) in home economics education for women living in rural areas and plan extension activities, enforce, monitor and evaluate.

o) of women living in rural areas to ensure the participation of agricultural production, to prepare plans based on training needs and programs, is to implement, monitor and evaluate, organize relations with the physical and social environment, to conduct research on the situation of women and issues, put forward solutions, projects develop and implement.

p) Other legislation and perform similar tasks will be given by the director of the province.

Mustafa ERKAN (Administrative and Financial Affairs Department Deputy Director)


Phone: 0232 462 11 07

Fax: 0232 462 62 58

​Our task:

a) dated 10/12/2003 and the 5018 Public Financial Management and Control Law within the framework of leasing, purchasing and perform similar work, cleaning, security, lighting, heating, maintenance, repairs, transport and similar services do / make,
b) maintenance of existing buildings owned by the provincial directorates, repairs and needed buildings and land rental, purchase, carry out operations such as expropriation, 11.09.1983 dated and 2946 numbered Public Housing Law and 23.09.1984 dated 18 524 Official Gazette To create a commission within the framework of allocation issued by the Public Housing Regulations, scoring allocation and carry out similar operations,

c) The Provincial Directorate of movable and immovable operations related legislation on engages in the frame. Turnover of inventory and supplies, delivery and so on make transactions,

d) organize and carry out activities of the provincial directorate general documents and archives,
e) The provincial directorate to organize in-service training programs to make more effective and efficient service of the staff and the provincial directorates and the Ministry providing the assignment coordination with the staff made the organization publicly as a candidate for the organization to do the training of probationary officers, inform the results of the General Directorate of Personnel,
f) means required by the Provincial Directorates, machinery, purchase their spare parts with tools and similar tools, distribution, make the transfer and to create the supply system, 01.05.1961 dated and 237 numbered Vehicles Act and carry out all services related to transport in the framework Vehicle Regulations ,
g) the establishment of the provincial directorate of internal control systems and to activities related to the operation and to ensure coordination,

ğ) appointment of provincial directorate staff, relocation, promotion, and personal and financial rights do all the work and operations,

h) Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Information Technologies Unit and establish ICT policies, in accordance with the principles and objectives to ensure the functioning of IT assets

ı) to carry out services related to publishing material in the province,

i) Provincial Directorate needed to be carried out electronically; all kinds of software and service continuity, to ensure the security and control,

j) Provincial Directorate of conduct studies on the use of web sites with content management systems and intranet structures,

k) Installation of the Provincial Directorate of the IT infrastructure, maintenance, repair, operation, refueling, to carry out activities related to the development and updating,

l) ensure that the log records to be saved as long as anticipated set of relevant laws,

m) processed by the Provincial Directorate of Finance and the confidentiality of stored data integrity and ensure the accessibility,

n) other legislation and conduct similar tasks assigned by the provincial director.